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DVDXCopy Platinum and DVDXPlatinum TDF Files - What are TDF Files and How Are they Used?

DVDXCopy Platinum - Burn perfect quality DVD movie backups

You've heard about them but haven't been able to figure out what a TDF (Title Definition Format) is used for.  Well, here is a write-up that gives you a pretty good idea of why a TDF file is used when you are backing up your DVD movies.  In a nutshell, think of them as a way of saving your own personal settings, the way you would create a document template in MS Word. It saves you time from having to figure out all your settings and setups each time you use the software. So, let's get started:

There are two types of TDF files that are used by DVDXCopy Platinum and DVD X Platinum users. The first kind are designed to fix errors caused by particular movies. You can find and download quite a number of these files from the Afterdawn Forum. The second are ones you create using DVDXCopy Platinum or DVD X Platinum that allow you to specify how you want to burn your DVD movies.

The second type of TDF files are the ones you create. These essentially save your settings for a particular movie. If you want to copy a movie and two of the five special features, you must first find out which titleset is which. The titleset with the most chapters should be the movie, or you can use the preview button to see which titleset has what information. Once you know what titlesets you want to copy, select them by checking the box next to the titleset. If you click on them you can rename the title set if you want. Burn DVD movies with DVD X Platinum - DVD Movie Copy Software!

A TDF file is a file that users can create to save compression or split settings when using DVD X Copy Platinum or DVD X Platinum. There are currently certain movies that require TDFs to be backed up successfully. Since it would be a large undertaking for each and every user to experiment and test different compression settings to find the perfect setting for a movie, users can share these TDFs with other users if they happen upon a successful compression or splitting formula for the movie. Every TDF is specific to the movie it is created and designed for; even down to the format of the disc. For example, a TDF created for the widescreen version of, say, Spiderman would not be able to be used for the full screen version. This makes backing up problem DVD movies that much easier because the ideal settings have been figured out.

Once a TDF has been created by selecting your settings, you have the option of putting your name as the author of the TDF, and giving a description of what the TDF does. Then, selecting "Save TDF" will place your creation into the TDF library. When you select Advanced mode, Platinum will automatically search the TDF library when an original disc has been detected, and display which TDFs are available for the movie (it is possible to have multiple TDFs for the same movie). If there are no TDFs available for the given movie, then it will not display any.
You can also manually add Platinum TDFs that you have acquired form other users to your TDF library by dropping the TDFs into this folder: C:\Program Files\321Studios\Platinum\TDF.

The way to use these files is simply to double-click on the TDF icon. The icon will look like a white piece of paper with "TDF" on it. Once the movie is in your reader, just double-click the icon, and a window will pop up. This window contains all of the pertinent information about that TDF file, such as what movie it's for, what audio it uses, etc. At the bottom there is a button that says "Open With Xpress. When you click that button it will start up either Xpress or the Simple mode of Platinum. These are the only two ways TDF files can be used. Once the program is up, click the green Start button. The movie and whatever options that were selected by the TDF file should be copied.

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