What's the difference between DVD X Copy and DVD X Copy Express? 

DVD X Copy™ - Will backup your entire DVD movie including all special features. Due to size limitations, this currently can take 2 DVD blanks to fit the entire movie. In this case, the movie will be split in half. In some circumstances, the main movie alone will fit onto a single disc, but the special features will then be placed on a second disc (optional). Buy Now!

DVD X Copy™ Express - Now you can make high quality backups of your favorite DVD movies with one-click convenience. Simply insert your DVD movie, click one button and DVD X Copy Xpress backs up your entire movie on a single disc - and with this new version now you can backup everything including the menus, languages and special feature! Buy Now!

Features DVD X Copy DVD X Copy Express
Writes to both DVD+RW and DVD-RW media X X
Copies Special Features (trailer - previews) X X
Copies full Multi-Channel Audio (Digital Dolby 5.1) X X
Copies every language available on original DVD X X
Writes complete DVD including special features X X
Writes only to one DVD X
Supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP X X
Free updates for minor improvements / bug fixes X X
Free 24 Hour tech support X X
Copies episodic collection DVDs X X
Specify which features to keep or remove X  
Includes advanced compression technology   X
Extremely intuitive, easy to understand interface X X
Automatically prepares Blank DVDs for writing X X