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About Us

DVD Echo - Rip and Copy your DVD to CD or DVD with this DVD Ripper and DVD Burner software package


DVD Echo has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.  Please allow us to recommend the DVD X Copy Combo as an excellent alternative!

DVD Echo - Rip, Convert and Burn DVD to CD or DVDDVD Echo is designed to backup your DVDs (PAL & NTSC) on any blank DVD media (DVD±R/RW) as an exact copy using your DVD burner.

If you have a CD burner you still can do the backup on regular CDs. You can also transfer your VHS tapes and movies that you downloaded from the Internet to DVDs to create slide shows, presentations and copy them to DVDs. Backup your PlayStation games 1 & 2.

DVD Echo includes more than 200 screenshots and step-by-step instructions that make it easy to follow along.

New for DVD Echo v2.7: DVD Echo DVD Burner Software

  • Improved support for DVD±RW/±R drives.
  • You will get another burning tool that can burn the “VIDEO_TS” folder without creating an image file.
  • Added the ability to add subtitles to your dual layer DVD on one single layer disk.
  • Added the ability to calculate the exact bit rate/scale factor for the compressing method without losing quality.
  • Improved the User’s Guide and changed the format to Acrobat PDF, making it printer friendly.
  • Added the ability to add music to your presentation/slide show before converting to DVD.
  • Added more codec’s and plug-ins to support the play back for DIVX/MPEG2
  • Added the ability to merge two small DVDs to fit on one DVD.
  • Improved support for downloaded movies/video clips to be transferred to DVD’s.
  • Added the ability to convert from PAL to NTSC and vice versa.

Using DVD Echo with your DVD Burner:

With DVD Echo, backup your DVDs onto blank DVD using your DVD±R/RW burner as an exact copy. You will enjoy an exact DVD quality backup and it will be on only one DVD disk not multiples like the VCD/SVCD copy and playable on any computer or standalone DVD player.

There are 3 options, if you have:

  • An original DVD-5 that is single layer “size of the DVD is less than 4.5GB”.
  • An original DVD-9 that is dual layer but the actual movie is small enough to fit directly into a 4.5GB DVD±R/RW. (You will just get the main movie).
  • An original DVD that is dual layer and the actual movie is NOT small enough to fit directly onto 4.5GB. (split the DVD to 2 DVDs/Compress it to fit on one disk).

Using DVD Echo with your DVD-ROM and CD Burner:

You can backup your DVDs on regular CDs in VCD/SVCD format which is playable on any computer or standalone DVD player. You will need a DVD-ROM to read the original DVD movie and a CD burner to burn your copy on regular CDR media (2 CDs).

It's very simple following the detailed steps:

  • Copy your DVD movie to your hard drive which you can play the video files using any media player software.
  • Convert your DVD video files to another video format (AVI, MPEG1/2) to enhance the quality.
  • Encoding will make the MPEG file that is required to burn the movie on a CD.
  • Chapters and Authoring will divide the DVD copy into chapters same as the DVD so you can use the remote control to navigate between the chapters.
  • Burn your MPEG video files to a CD-R that you can play on any DVD player.

Using DVD Echo and a video capture card, convert VHS to CD or DVD:

Backup your VHS tapes and keep them forever on DVD.

DVD Echo is an economical DVD ripper and DVD burner solution loaded with so many features:

  • Backup your DVD movies (exact copy) using your DVD burner.
  • Backup your DVD movies (VCD/SVCD) using your CD burner.
  • Backup your VHS tapes and preserve your videos on DVD.
  • Create your presentations and watch them on DVD.
  • Back up your PlayStation 1 & 2 games (mod chip required).
  • Download movies and copy them to a DVD.
  • Create photo albums and copy them to DVD.
  • Convenient step-by-step instructions and software.
  • Copy any DVD movie to 74/80 min CD using your CD burner and a DVD-ROM.
  • Copy a dual layer DVD-9 on one DVD disk instead of splitting the original DVD to two DVD's
  • Copy any DVD movie to DVD±R and DVD±RW Media using your DVD burner.

Bonus: Included with every purchase of DVD Echo,  a copy of PhotoEcho:

  • Make a slide show of your pictures and play it on any DVD player.
  • View your power point presentations on any DVD player.
  • Transfer all your VHS tapes to DVD format.
  • Convert all your downloaded movies to DVD.

User Testimonial:

"This product is wonderful if i didn't order it I'd still be fighting with other products that don't work. I suggest everyone to use DVDEcho if they want a great product that is easy to use and works great. Plus you get PhotoEcho too which is very awesome and a great product too so for this low price of $49.95 you can't go wrong" - Carla Sambeno

System Requirements PII, 300mhz, 64MB RAM, 8GB hard drive space, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, DVD Burner (-R +R), DVD ROM, Blank DVDs


DVD Echo has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.  Please allow us to recommend the DVD X Copy Combo as an excellent alternative!


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