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CyberLink PowerDirector - Create stylish DVDs with powerful video editing and authoring tools

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CyberLink PowerDirector - Create stylish DVDs with powerful video editing and authoring toolsWith the latest PowerDirector version, we make believers out of everyone, regardless of video editing experience. Spectacular video results are achieved in no time with PowerDirector's magic editing tools that automate and simplify the editing process. Learn how to make your home movies magical by reading all the details below.

Video editing is the latest craze of the Digital Home generation. Converting and transforming raw footage is never easy, but PowerDirector, with its intuitive interface, amazingly fast rendering, and ease-of-use, makes it fast and fun to edit stylish home movies. All it takes is three steps. Capture. Edit. Produce.


Preview Digital Video with DV Quickscan

  • Scan an hour of digital video in 6-10 minutes

  • Capture clips in batches

  • Manually scan clips without digital time codes, such as when capturing video from VCR tapes

Record Live Video and Narration, and Rip CD Music

  • Capture video from a digital video camera, PC web camera or TV (requires tuner card)

  • Record audio via a microphone or line-in device

  • Import video, audio and image files from discs or your hard drive

Input Format Support

  • Live captured video: DV-AVI, DAT, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, VRO, WMV, MOV, MOD, DivX

  • DVD content: non-CSS protected DVD-Video from DVD+VR and DVD-VR discs

  • Audio: MP3, WAV, WMA, Audio CD

  • Images: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF


Adding Soundtracks and Working with Audio

  • Synchronize your SmartSound music track with the length of a video clip regardless of its length

  • Record a voice track while simultaneously watching your video

  • Adjust the volume and gain of your video's audio content, voice and music tracks in the Audio Mixing Room

  • Manually adjust volume by directly adjusting clips on the audio track

Applying Special Effects (SFX), Transitions and Titles

  • Add professional touches to your videos as seen on TV and the movies

  • 25 SFX let you enhance videos with a complete range of stylish effects

  • 121 transitions offer breathtaking effects for linking transitions of neighboring clips seamlessly

  • 56 titles allow you to add spectacular animated text

  • Register your product online and receive 6 SFX and 7 transitions for free

Generate Picture in Picture Effects

  • Add Picture-in-Picture effects by dragging photos or videos onto the PiP track

  • Set the PiP direction, add borders and shading with a complete range of tools at your disposal

  • Magnify content while trimming to ensure complete frame-by-frame control

  • Refine your videos with a complete range of editing and enhancement tools: Split, Trim, Multi Trim, Speed, Color, Delete

  • Auto-align your clips on the timeline with one click

  • Lock entire tracks on your timeline to ensure mistakes never happen


Insert Accurate DVD Chapters

  • Save vast amounts of time by adding DVD chapters directly onto the timeline

  • Re-adjust your chapter settings directly on the timeline

  • Automatically set your chapters to appear at the beginning of each video clip, at fixed intervals, or divided evenly according to the number of chapters

Author DVDs with PowerProducer Express

  • Bring your DVDs to life with stylish motion menus and thumbnails

  • Add chapter numbers for easy indexing

  • Insert a background audio track for your discs' main menu page

  • Automatically selects the highest video quality for burning according to available disc space with SmartFit technology

  • Insert a first play video

  • Include PowerDVD Auto-Play on your disc to enable DVD playback on PCs without DVD playback software

  • Burn straight from a digital video source to DVD using Right-to-Disc™ technology

Output Options

  • Render video faster while delivering quality results by estimating your rendering time with the new SVRT-2 information window

  • Create a file by saving to your hard drive in either AVI, DivX, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 formats

  • Write back to DV tape

  • Stream your movie over the Internet by saving in either WMV, RealVideo or QuickTime formats

  • Burn to a CD, SVCD or DVD, which includes 8.5 GB double-layer DVDs 

See the power and magic of PowerDirector 4. See how the following editing tools will assist you in conceiving out-of-this-world home movies easily and quickly. That's why they call it magic. 

Magic Cut enables users to condense long and tedious content into an action-packed Hollywood-style movie.

Rectifying Poorly Shot Video Experiences

Have you ever experienced:

  • boring home movies long on monotony, short on action

  • shoddy camera work, unbalanced colors or poorly lit backgrounds

  • countless hours in the cutting room trimming unwanted video content

  • painful failures cutting frame-by-frame but never quite succeeding

How to Increase the Pace

Before Magic Cut begins amazing you, configure the following settings:

  • New duration: Enter the preferred total duration of all the new clips after Magic Cut has been applied to the original video clip

  • Scenes with zoom/pan/motion: Scenes' selection based on the degree of zooming, panning, and motion

  • Scenes with people speaking: Scenes' selection based on the extent of dialogue

  • Duration of scenes selected by Magic Cut: Divides and cuts up the original video into clips depending on your preferences for a longer or shorter clip duration

How does Magic Cut intuitively estimate which scenes are to be discarded and retained? How does it accomplish its magic? Magic Cut carefully selects key scenes by weighing the following factors hidden in video content:

  • camera shots with zooming/panning

  • peoples' faces and moving objects

  • color histogram

  • background dialogue

When combining these factors, Magic Cut automatically calculates and tallies each factor according to a preliminary set of parameters, and then generates the key scenes essential for your new movie according to your settings.

Magic Clean enables users to enhance the colors and brightness of video

Enhancing Video

Have you ever experienced:

  • insufficient lighting (video footage shot too dark)

  • unbalanced colors and overall muddy complexion

  • an inordinate amount of superfluous noise in your most favorite scenes

Perturbed? Frustrated? With PowerDirector and Magic Clean, you can relax and never worry about bad lighting, muddy scenes, or intrusive noise ever again. With a click of a button, your video content is magically revitalized.

For video files, to achieve instant video clarity or reduce artifacts, Magic Clean applies the world-renown technology used in PowerDVD, CyberLink EagleVision (CLEV™). CLEV, in its 2nd generation, automatically balances the brightness and contrast and dramatically heightens insufficient colors resulting in a more pleasurable viewing experience.

For the audio content inherent in video files, CyberLink Noise Reduction (CLNR) will be applied to your audio. Flexible settings, such as reducing levels of audio noise that may include filtering out outdoors or wind noise, are available.

Enhancing Photos

Have you ever experienced:

  • insufficient lighting

  • unbalanced colors and overall muddy complexion

  • red-eyes, red-eyes, and more red-eyes

When applied to image clips—utilizing CLEV™—PowerDirector’s Magic Clean tool enhances the image for a sharper, brighter picture by balancing colors, brightness, and contrast. The removal of red-eyes are also instant, falling prey to the magical wand wielded by PowerDirector. This tool is ideal for use with photos taken when lighting is either insufficient or too intense.

Enhancing Audio

The Magic Clean tool is ideal for use with audio clips that were recorded outdoors, in a room with poor acoustics, or even in tight quarters such as an automobile. CLNR (CyberLink Noise Reduction) technology is utilized to reduce levels of audio noise, which may include filtering outdoors or wind noise out.

Magic Music creates audio soundtracks from any genre in perfect
sync with your video regardless length.

Say Goodbye to Hours of MP3 Editing

The musical score of any Hollywood-style home movie is paramount to a successful box office nationwide; or, if you prefer, on a smaller scale, "neighborhoodwide".

During audio production, have you ever experienced:

  • searching endless hours for suitable or royalty-free music

  • trimming MP3s fruitlessly but never getting the timing right

  • futile or countless failures when applying fade in's and out's

For all the above, you can kiss hours wasted goodbye—Magic Music rescues you from the depths of video editing misery, by providing a wide range of music genres to choose from (all royalty-free) and clips that achieve perfect harmony between video and musical score in the total time it takes to wave a wand.

Say Hello to Magic Music

First select from a wide range of musical genres from the Blues to World music and then apply the clip to the timeline.

Next, set its duration anywhere from 5 seconds to 2 hours depending on the accompanying video clip's length, and presto, automatic synchronization is achieved including an even fade in and fade out.

Magic Music's clips are comprised of a repetition of music blocks. Each music block represents a short duration of melody—its inherent compatibility matrix defines whether this block can be linked with others and judges it for suitability in being placed at the beginning or end of a clip (i.e. fade in and out).

In essence, different combinations of music blocks, contingent on your duration settings (e.g. video clip's length), will result in different musical pieces for one music clip. How magical is that?

For example, if you have a video clip that is 27 seconds in length, select any clip from the variety of music genres and Magic Music will automatically string together the necessary number of and most suitable music blocks to achieve synchronization.

A touch of magic for your photos dynamically transforms them into a dazzling slideshow.

Engaging Presentations

Magical effects are for images such as your most treasured photos and snapshots. Instead of just the usual text and transition effects, why not give PowerDirector's wand another twirl and add subtle panning and zooming to photos and still images?
Setting Your Focus

The quickest way to add magic to your photos is to use Magic Motion and its automatic focus. But don't worry about setting the focus for each photo, because image analysis will cleverly locate the subject of a photo (e.g. subjects' faces) automatically and pan/zoom to heighten emotional intensity.

Images and photos come in all sizes—some may be portrait (height ratio is greater than width), while others are landscape (width ratio is greater than height). Setting an automatic focus will apply the following effects depending on image dimensions:

  • panning will be applied to portrait images

  • zooming to landscape images

To focus manually, you may define the area for panning/zooming by selecting the location and adjusting the focus area by length, width, and height.

An Instantaneous Slideshow

If you do not have the time resources or have on hand numerous digital photo albums that need to be injected with life, look no further than Magic Motion.

Simply drag all your photos onto the timeline, and then apply Magic Motion to one photo. Check "Apply to Adjacent Photos", and automatic motion effects will be applied to all your photos! This even includes image analysis that locates the main subject and cross fades between each image clip.

Now do you believe in magic?


System Requirements

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